Tracking the performance of cryptocurrencies recommended by popular YouTube Channels

Crypto YouTube Fog Report: 1 July 2019

New data was released today on the returns generated by the biggest YouTube channels in cryptocurrency.

‘Data Dash’ is the #1 most popular channel with 317,000 subscribers. His most favored coins generated a massive return of 50.3% over the past month. In contrast, 7 of the 17 Crypto YouTuber’s suffered negative total returns in June.

Most Crypto YouTuber’s underperformed Bitcoin in June, with the exception of ‘Data Dash’ and ‘Altcoin Daily’.

“While the performance is purely hypothetical, our YouTube Fog Report
provides greater insight on the most influential social media personalities in
cryptocurrency”, according to Max Arkey, Managing Director of Red Fog.
Collectively, performance of Crypto YouTuber’s was 11.1% in June, but had
you invested in Bitcoin alone you’d have generated 25.9%.

Leaderboard of YouTube channels over 30-days to June 30, 2019

To calculate the average performance of the top Crypto YouTuber’s, Red Fog synthetically constructed ‘funds’ for each channel having tracked any coin picks made in their videos. The results highlight which YouTube channels managed to find market-beating coins — in contrast the channels whose favored coins performed poorly in June.

Overall performance of the top 17 Crypto YouTube channels vs Bitcoin (1-month to June 30, 2019)

The number of subscribers is not a reliable determinant of how proficient the channel’s host is at identifying
cryptocurrency investment opportunities.
Crypto ‘newbs’ tend to gravitate to YouTube as a key resource to learn about the market, different coins
and investment strategies. Unfortunately some people are misguided and make investment choices solely
on the basis of a short video, without conducting their own research.
Red Fog will continue to monitor these channels over time and bring you updates.

Red Fog LLC is a Chicago based cryptocurrency game developer founded in early 2018. Our mission is to gamify crypto, helping our community understanding the market at the same time have fun in social competition.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting out in crypto, Red Fog is the ideal destination to hone your skills, climb the leaderboard and compete for prizes.
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Not investment advice. Please refer to the risk disclosures below.
Note: Red Fog has no professional or personal relationship with the aforementioned channels.



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